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What should I do if I need adjustments whilst on placement?

If you are a disabled student and have reasonable adjustments you might want to discuss adjustments specific to placements. If you do not have an agreement or if you want further advice, please contact the Student Support Team at University initially and then discuss the problems with your Educators/Mentors who will seek guidance for the best way to assist you.


What do I do if there are problems on placement?

Contact your link placement tutor at University and also speak with your Educator/Mentor for guidance and advice.


What is the aim of the Placement?

The aim of the placement is to enable students to acquire practical experience by applying the knowledge they have gained at university. Placements also develop key skills, including personal and interpersonal skills, communication, numeracy, problem solving, a positive attitude towards change, values and personal integrity, and an understanding of the world of work.


What do I do if I am ill?

If you are at placement, speak with your Educator or Mentor and discuss the options. If you are at home or about to come into placement, you will need to contact your Educator/Mentor or if they are not available leave a message for them to ring you back. Tell them how long you expect to be away from placement. You will also need to let University know as soon as possible that you are ill and a possible date of return.


Can I attend Training Sessions whilst at DCHS?

You can attend some training sessions, speak with your Educator/Mentor for their permission to attend.

There is also the opportunity for you to attend the Student Forum by firstly agreeing your attendance and then booking through the Practice Learning Team – Beverley.Smith13@nhs.net. They are held 4 x a year.