Student Stories

Student Stories

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Harriet - Occupational Therapist

Within my third year at university training to be an Occupational therapist I undertook a placement within DCHS, the experience I had as a student was a very positive one especially due to the supportive nature of the team I was working with and the wider opportunities for learning. When I qualified I felt the natural progression was to apply for a position within DCHS as I already understood the services being provided and was confident the trust could provide me with the support I needed when transitioning from student to professional; while also demonstrating that patient care and choice are central to the service. I have now been working for the trust for two years and I feel I have developed into a more confident and experienced practitioner due to the opportunities and support of my team and the wider trust.


Darren - Community Therapist


I was previously a student with DCHS and the support and encouragement provided helped the transition from student to Band 4/5 seamless. During placement I was involved in a lot of patient journey's with acute, complex and long term needs and benefitted from a positive experience to seek a band 5 role with DCHS and continue with the teaching following graduation form Sheffield Hallam. 

Now in the role, I am able to apply what I gained from placement, but also develop and mature learning about the role with the support of the team. With means in place, I am able to safely work as a lone worker, meet patients and family members within the community and provide holistic care. I am encouraged to work with the Trust's principles and aim to be an established role model to be professional and to get the basics right.

Without the support of the team, my placement would not have been as beneficial to succeed as it was, but also would have not given me the courage to work as a Community Therapist.


James - Community Staff Nurse


After three very enjoyable placements at three different DCHS settings it was clear that the staff cared about their students. The staff were very friendly and approachable. So it was obvious that DCHS cared about their staff. As I wanted to be a community nurse, it was a no-brainier: apply for a community nurse position with DCHS!