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Trust Travel Claim Form

Attached is the travel form used for mileage claims for all students using their cars for Trust Business.  You will be unable to claim mileage to and from work. 

Your manager will put in their cost code prior to sending it to finance.

Your Managers will also need to take a copy of your driving licence and Insurance for audit purposes.

Co-Wheels Car Club

Students within DCHS can access the Co-Wheels Car Club provided you have been driving for on a full UK driving license for at least 12 months, for more information please click here

Green Travel

There are a number of options available to you to make your travel more sustainable.  Download this Personal Travel Plan pack to find out how you can travel more sustainably.


Have you considered an electric or hybrid car?

DCHS is keen to reduce CO2 emissions of travel as part of its carbon reduction commitments.  Electric or hybrid vehicles can help with this, but can also be remarkably cost effective to you, as the driver, with electric vehicle prices continuing to fall and fuel prices and motoring costs rising. Click here to read more frequently asked questions about hybrid and electric cars to find out more information.

Pool Car Developments – new cars, automatics, larger cars, new locations and electric hybrids

Following successful bids for funding from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles and from Carplus, DCHS is able to expand its fleet of pool cars with some exciting new vehicles and new sites. Many of these new cars will be automatic gearbox, so will make the pool cars available to a larger number of staff.

To take advantage of these new pool vehicles you will need to register for free with Co-wheels in order to be able to book and access the cars.

Please read this document for further information.

Walk to Work

If you don’t walk enough, now’s the time to start thinking about walking!

Employees are encouraged to leave their cars at home and put national transport aside to get your blood pumping!  Or, if that's not possible, you can make time at lunch or a break to take a break and go for a walk on your own or with your colleagues.  Once you're back in the office you'll really feel energised and realise that walk and work actually can go together!

A regular routine of brisk-paced walking daily can help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, strengthen your heart and reduce the likelihood of serious health problems down the road.  And a brisk-paced walk can help you and your family look and feel better, increase energy and pick up your spirits too.

Park and Stride

Do you live too far away to walk to work? Park and Stride simply means driving some of the way to your destination, parking up, and walking the rest of the way. It’s particularly good for people who live a long way from work and can’t walk the whole way.  As well as being good for you, it has the added benefit of reducing congestion around the workplace, thus making it safer and easier for patients and visitors to enter the site and park.

Park and Stride is an excellent way to add some physical exercise to your journey and, if you can park at the house of a colleague who lives close to work, it can be sociable as well.

Claiming Mileage whilst on Trust Business

Students are not entitled to claim travel to their placement from DCHS – this is claimable via NHS bursary (they you are traveling less than you would to get to uni then students will not be able to claim this). The only time students can claim mileage from DCHS is if they have undertaken lone visits as this is classed as Trust business. Students would then claim the miles on the same basis we would e.g. base-visit-base.  


This is claimed via a paper claim (like bank staff do) and the Team Manager will need to add their budget code and sign the form (in the process of being developed).


You will need to take a copy of your Insurance  (which must also cover Business Use for the duration of your placement) and your Driving Licence.