A2B New Leaders


About A2B

Applications are now closed for the 2019 cohort of the A2B programme, and we have shortlisted 18 candidates to join our new cohort. We are grateful to all applicants who took the time to apply. Candidates who did not progress further than the assessment centre have been offered support from the leadership development team to ensure there next steps are set out.

The A2B Programme will last twelve months. The programme aims to equip aspirant leaders with the knowledge they need to be a first line leader. It will include workshops, coaching sessions, work-shadowing etc. over a total of approx. 15 days throughout the year.  Candidates will also be expected to undertake some reading at home and some written reflection on their learning as part of the overall programme.

Cohort 1 - feedback

‘The A2B programme completely exceeded my expectations. The team spirit, support and guidance has been second to none.  As the weeks went by my confidence and self believe grew immensely. My message is believe in yourself and recognise your worth. Others will soon begin to share your vision’.  Danielle

‘I have found the process very eye opening from the beginning to the end.  It has given me the opportunity to reflect on myself, my leadership styles and how I impact on a team I may lead.  I have found the course both challenging and enjoyable, whilst also being able to network and understand the wider trust.  I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone- the support you get is second to none.  Katie

’The support and knowledge gained through A2B enabled me to manage and succeed through a period of change and uncertainty in my work life’ Hannah

‘This programme has given me so much - including the building of strong foundations and the confidence to be a leader. It has taught me what makes a great leader and that no matter what our role in DCHS is we can all be effective leaders!  It has also been a fantastic opportunity to discover and learn from some of our own (DCHS) talented and inspirational leaders.’  Lisa