ICE Manager



  • Add an image to a page/news item


Add an image to a page/news item

  • Visit the page/news item you want to add an image to
    • Or that you're currently editing
  • Go to the editor box with the text in it you want the image to appear within
  • Click your mouse roughly where you'd like the image to appear
  • Click the 'image' icon on the toolbar
  • Click the 'images' folder
  • Click 'upload' at the top, and then find the image on your PC and open it to upload
  • Browse the file list in the 'images' folder for your image - click it
  • Change settings until suitable. Width typically 300px (height automatically adjusts)
    • You can also align it to the left or right
    • If it's to appear alongside text, adding a margin will add space around the image so text isn't too close
    • You can also add a link in the 'URL' section so that the image can be clicked and lead to a website
  • Once happy, click 'insert'
  • Your image is now inserted. You can edit the settings (size, margins etc.) by clicking on it (so that it's highlighted) and then clicking the image button again
  • You can also move it around by just holding the left mouse button on it and and dragging
  • Once happy, save and publish the page as usual