Social Media



  • View Twitter analytics
  • View Facebook Analytics
  • Posting, editing, deleting and scheduling in Hootsuite

View Twitter analytics

  1. Log in to Twitter
  2. Click the Trust profile icon in the top-right corner
  3. Select 'Analytics' from the dropdown
  4. Browse and filter by tweets and dates

View Facebook Analytics

  1. Log in to Facebook via your desktop browser
  2. Select 'Insights' from the menu
  3. Filter by content type and date

Posting, editing, deleting and scheduling in Hootsuite

  1. Log in to Hootsuite
  2. Simply click in the 'Compose message...' box at the top to right your FB post / Tweet
    1. Keep an eye on the character count - it will show whether or not the Tweet is too long
  3. You can click 'Send now' to post immediately
  4. To schedule, click the calendar icon, and then select a date/time, followed by clicking the 'Schedule' button
  5. You can edit / delete scheduled posts via the right-hand column.
    1. Edit by clicking the pencil, or delete by clicking the menu icon and selecting 'Delete'