• Create a new survey and get share link
  • Retrieve survey results

Create a new survey and get share link

  1. Log in to the DCHS SurveyMonkey account
  2. Click 'Create Survey' in the top-right
  3. You can choose to copy an existing survey (do this if there's a similar one already being used, else select 'New survey')
  4. You'll be prompted to give the survey a name - enter one
  5. You'll then be on the survey builder page. Just click on the areas you want to edit (such as the title)
  6. Use the 'Builder' option on the left to add new question types to the survey - fill in the questions and answers as required
    1. The survey will auto-save as you're building it - so no save button necessary!
  7. You should preview the survey once ready to ensure it looks as you want
  8. Click 'Next' and you'll be given options on sharing it - choose 'Web link'
  9. You can then send this link to anyone/post it online for anyone to fill out!
    1. Editing an existing survey: Just log in to SurveyMonkey, click the survey you'd like to edit, and then make changes (all saved automatically)

Retrieve survey results

  1. Log in to SurveyMonkey
  2. Click 'My Surveys' and then either look through the list, or enter the survey title in the 'Search' field to find it quicker
    1. Don't click the survey yet!
  3. Click the number parralel to your survey - under the column 'Respondants' 
  4. You're now on the results page, where you can also:
    1. Export results as PDF, Excel doc
      1. Select 'Export' on the left-hand menu
      2. Choose the file format and which results you want to export
      3. Click 'Export' to begin processing
      4. After a few second you'll get a pop-up to download the results
    2. Share the results with a link
      1. This will provide you with a link that you can share with anyone wanting to view the results without logging in
      2. Click the 'Share All' button in the top-right
      3. Select 'Private' beside the access options (so only those with a link can view the results)
      4. Select the data you'd like to share
      5. Click 'Get Link' - the link provided can now be shared as necessary