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2021 NHS Staff Survey

The 2021 NHS Staff Survey launched on 20 September 2021! The NHS Staff Survey has become an important way for us to hear your views and feedback on what we need to do to make DCHS a great place to work and to measure ourselves against other NHS organisations. The 2021 NHS Staff Survey was redesigned this year in line with the People Promise. This is a promise we must all make to each other – to work together to improve the experience of working in the NHS for everyone. So this year, the survey tracked progress towards the seven elements of the People Promise:

  • We are compassionate and inclusive
  • We are recognised and rewarded
  • We each have a voice that counts
  • We are safe and healthy
  • We are always learning
  • We work flexibly
  • We are a team

There were still lots of the same questions, but there were also some new ones on wellbeing and burnout and how you work together with your team. 32 new questions were added and others removed, the questions on gender and religion had been improved and new questions covering gender identity and international recruitment were added.

The criteria for colleagues who are eligible to compete the survey expanded this year, so colleagues on long term sick for 90 days or more had an opportunity to complete the survey if they wished to do and also those who have been on secondment into the organisation for longer than 12 months from another NHS Trust were also eligible to complete the survey with us. With regards to bank staff, the national coordination centre continues to investigate how best to hear the voice of bank workers. They will be working with Trusts over the coming months to pilot an approach that will allow bank workers the opportunity to take part in the survey in the future.

The survey was open from Monday 20 September till midnight on Friday 26 November 2021. The survey is now closed.


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2020 You Said, We did

See what you said and we have done, from listening to your views in the 2020 NHS Staff Survey:


Is the survey confidential?

Yes, the survey is 100% confidential! That is why there is a minimum response rate of 11 colleagues per team, before a report is available. This is to protect your anonymity. See more details here.


2020 Results

The results/reports from the 2020 NHS Staff Survey can be found by clicking on the bullets below:

For a full breakdown of the results, please see go to the National Coordination Cente website here.

Feedback from 2019

The 2019 ‘you said, we did’ poster below highlights what we have achieved through Covid-19 linked to what you told us in last year’s survey. Please click on the image to download.

Completing your 2021 NHS Staff Survey

All colleagues should receive their NHS Staff Survey w/c. 20 September 2021. Please look out for your personal copy of the survey and complete it as soon as possible – it is more important than ever to capture your feelings and views through the 2021 NHS Staff Survey.

Electronic surveys will come from the following email address: survey@quality-health.co.uk and there are a small number of colleagues who will be receiving paper copies. Any colleagues down for the paper method will be invited to participate via a hard copy pack to their internal work address – you will also have the option to complete this online – details of how to access the online survey will be included in the covering letter.


Here is a reminder of the chosen modes for each directorate:

  • Chief Executives Divisional Group and Executive Service Group - Electronic

  • Estates Service - Paper

  • Finance and Strategy Divisonal Group - Electronic

  • Health Wellbeing and Inclusion Service - Electronic

  • Integrated Community Services - Electronic

  • People Services Divisonal Group - Electronic

  • Planned Care and Specialist Services - Electronic

  • Integrated Facilities Management - Paper

  • Quality Directorate - Electronic

  • Service Transform and IMT Divisional Group - Electronic



NHS Staff Survey changes for 2021

Find all the key messages relating to the survey changes here.



Tell me about Staff Survey...

Here's a short video to tell you a bit more about the 2021 Staff Survey.

2020 Final response rates

FINAL response rate - 62.5%.

Please click on the image to download.

For a full breakdown by department and team, please click here.


2020 Results infographic

Please click on the image to download:

Our independent contractor – Quality Health

We are working with the independent contractor, Quality Health again this year. Quality Health are a local contractor, based in Chesterfield.

Electronic surveys will come directly to your NHS.net account from Quality Health and all contain a unique link; whereas paper surveys will have a unique barcode on it, which is generated by Quality Health’s systems and are used as a way of ensuring that no personal information is printed on the document. This means that responses can be logged against each participant in a confidential way and reminders are only sent to those who do not respond.

If you would like to understand more about this, please have a look at the video on confidentiality, produced by Quality Health here.


NHS Staff Survey Myth Busting

Click here to see a video from our NHSEI Staff Experience and Engagement team colleagues about common survey misconceptions.


Leaders Guide to the 2021 NHS Staff Survey

This year we have produced a leaders guide to help leaders navigate the Staff Survey more easily. The guide provides hints and tips on how to support engagement with the survey from your teams. Click here to download your copy.


For any queries, please contact the Organisational Effectiveness Team - DCHST.engagement@nhs.net

NHS Staff Survey Lead



Help and support

If you need help completing the survey please email: helpline@quality-health.co.uk or call the Quality Health FREEPHONE helpline on: 0800 783 1775. Further information about the survey is available at: www.nhsstaffsurveys.com.

If you have any queries or questions, please contact the Organisational Effectiveness Team on: DCHST.Engagement@nhs.net.


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