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DCHS has a lot to be proud of as an organisation. We are well on our journey from good to great and always striving to be the best place to work. 

The NHS Staff Survey and our quarterly DCHS Pulse Check have become important methods for us to hear the views of all DCHS employees. They give us valuable feedback on what we need to do to make DCHS a great place to work and help us measure ourselves against other NHS organisations. The thoughts, experiences and opinions of everyone across the organisation are vital in improving the future for all of us. 

The NHS Staff Survey is conducted independently and provides a crucial barometer of NHS staff attitudes and experience over the past year, measured across a whole range of work and workplace-related areas. In 2017,  2,433 employees of DCHS who completed the survey – this represents a response rate of 55% of the trust’s staff, which is average for community trusts in England. In 2018, 2,565 employees completed the survey which represents a response rate of 61.1%.  Our response rate is above average for alike Trusts and has improved by 6.1% from the 2017 NHS Staff Survey.The results are primarily intended for use by NHS organisations to help them review and improve staff experience. The Care Quality Commission will use the results from the survey to monitor on-going compliance with essential standards of quality and safety. 

We are delighted that lots of our results are improving year on year but we recognise that not all staff feel that DCHS is great a place to work and that we still have more to do. 

This Staff Survey Resource Centre is an initiative that will help us to maintain a consistent focus throughout the year on delivering the improvement actions that we have committed to; whilst maximising transparency for all staff to view reports and action plans.

2018 Infographic

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2018 Picker Reports

Please see below the full management report from Picker Europe for the 2018 NHS Staff Survey. Just click on the link to download.

Picker Management Report

Picker Locality Report - Locality 1

Picker Locality Report - Locality 2

Picker Locality Report - Locality 3

2018 NHS England Reports

Please see below the full report from NHS England for the 2018 NHS Staff Survey. Please note there have been a number of changes to reporting since 2017 – see the ‘Changes to NHS England Reporting’ box on this page for more information. Just click on the link to download.


NHS England Full Report

NHS England Directorate Report


For any queries, please contact:

Catherine Johnson - Organisational Effectiveness Advisor 07791 567 978 or catherinejohnson2@nhs.net


Abbie Gill - Organisational Effectiveness Assistant 07827 954925 or abigailclaire.gill@nhs.net 


Clair Sanders - Organisational Effectiveness Lead 07827 983897 or clair.sanders@nhs.net


Organisational Effectiveness Team - DCHST.engagement@nhs.net

2018 Action Plan

Our analysis of the results from the 2018 NHS Staff Survey is now complete and we can now confirm that the focus areas for 2019 are as follows:

  • Leadership
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Appraisals
  • Development Opportunities
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Raising Concerns
  • Health & Safety of Employees

Please click here to view the action plan and progress made to date.

Changes to NHS England Reporting

This year the NHS England reporting has changed significantly. The results are no longer grouped by ‘Key Findings’; nor do we have the usual ‘top and bottom 5 areas’ or the ‘most and least improved areas’ and the most commonly known and benchmarked against previous ‘staff engagement score’.


Key Findings have been replaced by themes. The themes cover ten areas of staff experience and present results in these areas in a clear and consistent way. All of the ten themes are scored on a 0-10 scale, where a higher score is more positive than a lower score. These theme scores are created by scoring question results and grouping these results together. The new results within each theme and question are presented in the context of the best, average and worst results for similar organisations where appropriate.


Please note that you cannot directly compare Key Finding results to theme results.


The themes are as follows:

1. Equality, diversity & inclusion

2. Health & wellbeing

3. Immediate managers

4. Morale

5. Quality of appraisals

6. Quality of care

7. Safe environment – bullying & harassment

8. Safe environment – violence

9. Safety culture

10. Staff engagement

What we have done so far....




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