Dry January 2019

Many of us don't realise that we actually drink more than the recommended intake of alcohol per week and during the festive season we often find we drink more than normal. If you are interested to find out how many units you consume during an average week you can use the Unit Calculator


The Alcohol Change UK campaign, "Dry January” encourages people to take a month off from alcohol and enjoy the benefits of having a break from drinking after the indulgences of the Xmas holidays. It only takes 3 weeks to break a habit so after taking a break for a month you are likely to be taking steps towards healthier drinking long term.


Alcohol Change UK report that last year, during Dry January, 79% of participants saved money, 62% reported better sleep and more energy and 49% lost weight. These are just some of the many benefits giving up or reducing alcohol intake can have.

Other benefits of taking a break from alcohol throughout January include:
  • Improved skin
  • Wake up feeling refreshed
  • Have more time in the day as you won't have a hangover to sleep off
  • You'll realise that you don't need alcohol to enjoy yourself

Are you interested in taking on the challenge? You can choose to simply challenge yourself or register with Alcohol Change UK to help them raise money through sponsorship. Visit  their website to find out more and register.


If you prefer, you can use your challenge to raise money for Cancer Research UK - visit their Dryathlon page to find out more.


Don't forget to let The Staff Wellbeing Team know you are taking part!








Changing Your Drinking Habits

If Dry January is not for you then why not think about cutting down on alcohol and introduce drink free days into your week. If you need help tracking your consumption or your spend you can download an app from the DrinkAware website here  which will help you to see the benefits of cutting down.

There is plenty of fun to be had without alcohol and you probably won’t be missing it as much as you think. If you would normally go to the pub after work on a Friday evening why not arrange to do something else – go to the gym or plan a cinema trip.   Ask a friend to go for a coffee. Is there a hobby that you want to start? Do something that isn’t related to alcohol - the list is endless!

If you do go to the pub, the non alcoholic alternatives are getting better all the time. Or why not invite friends over and try creating some mocktails like the one below....

Ginger Limeade

Ginger limeade is a deliciously sweet ‘n citrusy mocktail and its sophisticated bite makes it a great choice to keep your guests warm and cosy when the temperature is dropping outside. For best results, cut the ginger as fine as you can so that its natural warmth infuses the whole drink. 

What you will need 

Lemonade 180ml
Fresh Ginger Root  1 thumb 


Mixing Pestle  1






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    Where to go for help & support

    If you need help, advice, or support with your drinking or that of someone else’s, please call Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service on 0845 308 4010 or 01246 206514 if calling from a mobile. They are a local alcohol service provider, based in Chesterfield. They are committed to improving the lives of local people, who are affected by alcohol misuse. You can also go online and visit www.alcohol-advice.co.uk .


    Help and support is also available from:

    Resources & Support

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