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A4 Copier Paper  WHO264

You will have noticed the A4 copier paper you are now ordering and using looks different to what you have previously used.

DCHS has signed up to support the Nationally Contracted Products (NCP) initiative, strategically co-led by NHS Improvement and the Department of Health & Social Care to deliver savings and, in the case of copier paper to support the wider positive environmental impact of switching to this type of paper.

NCP aims to implement the Carter Report recommendations to harness the national buying power of the NHS, remove “unwarranted product variation” and improve efficiency. The initiative is focused on driving savings through reducing variety and channelling national commitment to reduced product ranges.  Trusts will be able to adopt lower cost alternative products that will deliver significant savings, relatively quickly, without compromising quality or patient care.

Virgin fibre copier paper is currently subject to a 21% price increase.  If we do nothing this will be the cost pressure we face on our £30K spend per annum.   By adopting the “off white” paper and endorsing this recommendation from Dept Health & Social Care and NHSI, DCHS will instead see a 3.7%  saving.

Please see the FAQ document from NHSSC for the background and supporting information.

Please be mindful of the positive impact of this change of paper which DCHS Procurement is actively supporting and promoting.   The following statements from the NHSSC FAQ document are real stand out facts and worth promoting should a challenge come your way.


Why isn’t the recycled copier paper white?


The Premier Paper brand is from a mill called Steinbeis and is manufactured using best in class environmental practises which does not allow any harmful bleaching in the manufacturing process.

Additionally Steinbeis paper does not contain Optical Brightening Agents (OBA’s) to whiten the paper as OBA’s are not biodegradable and do not break down in the environment.

Steinbeis paper is manufactured under the Eco Label Blue Angel which forbids the use of harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process.


What are the environmental benefits?


Switching from virgin to 100% recycled paper will have a positive impact on the environment as it is an ecologically sound alternative.

Here are some examples of sustainability statistics which show the comparative annual savings based on the 3,275,940 reams / 8,150 tonnes of virgin copier paper supplied into the NHS by NHS Supply Chain:



Resource Saving

Comparative Saving


24,485,754kgs of wood

16,600 European Spruce pine trees


353,882,894 litres of water

141 Olympic size swimming pools

Energy kwh

63,117,834 kwh of energy

11,517 average family home energy consumption


5,222,429kgs of Co2

1,024 cars removed from the road a year or a Boeing 747 could fly for 6.87 days non-stop