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Laptop and Toughbook end of year amnesty - we need your help please!

In February 2018 we ran a Laptop/Toughbook amnesty and you responded really well!   Over 200 devices were returned to IT and a lot of tough books that were not working were sent to Panasonic to be fixed and recirculated.  Thank you for all your efforts; it certainly helped us to keep on top of things until quite recently.

We need your help to retrieve any idle or surplus devices again.  Like last time, we are making it very easy for you to do.

  1. Identify all surplus or idle laptops or Toughbooks in your work area.
  2. E-mail Joanne Jones, IM&T Project Support, (E: and ask her to log a call with Arden GEM on your behalf.  Joanne will sort the rest - ie the collection of devices.

Why bother?

  1. Save money - idle devices cost the trust money; whether the device is in use or not we are paying for the licence and SIM
  2. 'Upcycle' - any mobile device that is still under warranty (ie under three years old) and damaged can be swapped out for a new device for little or no extra cost to the trust. 
  3. Protect - idle or unused devices are not up to date with their security patches and pose a risk to the Cyber security of the trust if used.  

Leaders - please remember:

  • If you have staff on Long Term Sick leave or Maternity Leave you need to follow the process outlined below.
  • If the gap between staff leaving a post and the new starter start date is more than 2 months it is necessary to return the equipment to Arden GEM IT to ensure the equipment is compliant with our IT security requirements. Arden GEM will update all software as necessary and ensure the equipment is ready for re-issue. Please DO NOT hold on to devices unnecessarily after staff have left.

Thank you