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Important information for ALL staff - Canon Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) need a software upgrade

All of our Canon Multi-Function Devices (MFDs) across many sites require a software upgrade and migration to new servers.  It is proposed that over the course of the next 2-3 weeks, this work will be carried out remotely and jointly between Arden Gem IT and Canon.


On a designated day, the devices, each in turn, will be remotely migrated to a new Uniflow software system.


Proposed Timetable



Long Eaton, Wheatbridge, Whitworth




Ripley, St Oswald's


Ash Green


Buxton Hospital, Cavendish


Babington Hospital, Pear Tree, South Normanton Hub, Stubley H/C


Bolsover, Brimington Clinic, Scarsdale


Derby London Road, Manor Stores, Repton H/C, Springs H/C, Village Street


Ilkeston Hospital             


Clay Cross, Heanor Memorial, Swadlincote






Users at each site should not experience any disruption unless a User sends something to print or tries to copy on a device that is the one being upgraded at that particular moment in time.  If that does happen then the expectation would be for the User to wait a little while; failing that utilise the next nearest MFD on site.


What do staff need to do?


  • In order to be able to print after the upgrade has been completed, each User will need to install the new secure print queue assigned to the site in question.  Leading up to these dates, Arden Gem will be downloading these print queues to all user PC desktops that should then enable the User to send documents to print in future.  Should the automatic installation fail or not take place, then Users will need to follow one of the attached installation guides for your site. 
  • That download will not be possible for agile laptop Users.  They instead will need to follow one of the attached Installation Guides.  Ash Green, Babington, The Hub South Normanton and Wheatbridge each have their own Installation Guide.  For all other sites, the Central Sites Installation Guide should be used. 
  • To check you have the required print queue installed  “Click Start > Devices and Printers”  Look for your sites required print queue. You should have one of the below print queues installed (note once you have selected in your print queue follow the instructions in the attachments as to setting as default printer).



Required Print Queue







The Hub


Central Sites


Please note that even though the print queues can be downloaded in advance, Users should NOT start using the newly installed secure print queue until the site has been migrated on the designated day.


Don’t leave any documents to be  printed in the old secure print queues on migration day. Once the site has been fully migrated to the new version of Uniflow, you will no longer be able to print the documents submitted to the old secure print queues.


What should staff do if they can’t print after the migration?


If you go to a MFD and find you can’t see any of your submitted print jobs, please make sure your using the newly installed print queue relative to your site.


If anyone does experience any difficulty during their migration day, please contact the Arden Gem IT Helpdesk on 0300 1231020