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Walton Hospital demolition work; changes to routes

The site works at Walton Hospital are about to take a giant leap forward!

The old flat roofed corridor that runs from the Dining Room and Admin block to the junction of the 'new' link corridor to the Peter McCarthy suite will be knocked down week beginning 10 December 2018.

This work will totally change the routing around the site for staff, patients and visitors. Whilst there are maps to help you navigate your way around we thought it might help to show you. We have produced some very 'home-made' videos to explain the changes; please see the links and explanations below!

Car-parking: All staff are asked to be considerate of our patients when parking at Walton Hospital site.  Please help us ensure patients have the easiest access to their appointments as possible by leaving the bottom car park for patients to use as a priority.  Staff are asked to use/fill the top car park first and only use the bottom car parking spaces if the top car park is full. A new pathway is being built to link the top car park to the new staff and visitor entrance to the Dining Room/Admin block.


Accessing the Dining Room/Admin block: The new staff and visitor entrance to the Dining Room/Admin block will be via the 'old' Estates yard ONLY. 


There will be no interior route access to the Peter McCarthy suite from the Dining Room /Admin block. Once the demolition work is complete there will be new doors to the outside/shorter route to the Peter McCarthy Suite.


Due to a separate scheme of work this will also be the only way to access the Walton Committee Room. We are hoping the side entrance to the Committee Room will be re-opened by the end of January 2019.

Accessing the Peter McCarthy suite: Whilst the demolition work is undertaken this will be accessed via the Peter McCarthy entrance ONLY. The 'new' link corridor is not being demolished, but it won't lead anywhere. In the end there will be doors to the outside/shorter route to the Dining Room.



You can also find details of the new routes on this map.