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Care home capacity tracker app - NEW!

A new Capacity Tracker application has been developed by the NHS, Local Authorities and care home providers to make the process of finding a care home placement as easy as possible. Capacity Tracker has been successfully deployed already in 37 health and social care systems across the North of England and in Berkshire and Devon and is expected to be completed across the Midlands by January 2019.

By making available care home capacity instantly visible it has been shown to have a significant impact on minimising avoidable delays when the decision has been made that a patient needs to be in a care home. The tracker is very simple to use and only takes 30 seconds to update care home capacity once the home is registered, improving efficiency and meaning fewer phone calls need to be made to care homes asking about bed availability. It provides a ‘shop window’ for homes to share their available beds as well as other information about the care home.

Already more than 2,700 care homes have registered.  For more information and to read case studies, videos, how to guides, posters and social media assets please click here: