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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For all Derbyshire Community Health Services Bank Staff

This year the two bank holidays over Christmas Day and Boxing Day will have an impact on the weekly (bank) payroll normally paid on 28h December.   It means that it will not be possible to process a payroll in that week therefore 2 weeks will need to be paid the following week which is 4th January.  Unfortunately this is not within our control and all Trusts who run a weekly payroll will be affected.

Please be advised that this will NOT impact the calculation of tax of NI as both weeks will be calculated separately.

The following shows the weekly bank pay arrangements over the Christmas period –

Pay day – 21st December 2018

Process as normal, shifts for week ending 16th December must be finalised by 12.00 midday on Monday 17th December and payment will be made on Friday 21st December.

Pay day – 28th December 2018

No payroll this week. 

Pay day – 4th January 2018

2 weeks will be paid this week, for shifts worked week ending 23rd and 30th December.  All shifts must be finalised by 12.00 midday on Monday 31st December

Please note that these 2 weeks will be processed separately and therefore will not adversely impact on any tax or national insurance deducted.


Systems & Information Team