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Have you tried using Skype for Business yet?


Have you tried using Skype for Business yet for your conference call meetings?  Are you afraid to use it as you are unsure how it works?  Find out more here.  We have heard users are finding it much easier than WebEx/MeetMe!


DCHS has now changed the service used for dialling in to web and conference call meetings. Staff are asked to start using Skype for Business for any meetings/conferences where you would have previously used WebEx or MeetMe.


Since January 2019 staff have been unable to use WebEx and MeetMe. The informatics team have finished writing the guidance and, for the majority of staff, there is one document which they hope is both simple and helpful. Find out more here.


Please note:

Due to licencing constraints there are two types of users, full licence holders and partial licence holdersONLY full licence holders can set up and host meetings and these users should have already received the guidance on how to host meetings. If you have not received this guidance but need to host meetings please contact E:


Where possible staff should connect to meetings via desktops/laptops, rather than phones as it provides them with the ability to view presentations and documents via screen sharing, the option of a more personal meeting by using webcams and a cost saving to the trust.


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3 December 2018

As you may know, DCHS will soon be changing the service we use for dialling in to web and conference call meetings from WebEx and MeetMe to “Skype for Business”. The informatics team are currently in the process of preparing guidance for using Skype for Business.

DCHS will be moving over to Skype for Business in December but staff are asked to continue to use WebEx and MeetMe as they currently do for meetings until further notice.  

Skype for Business will offer very similar functionality to WebEx and MeetMe but Skype for Business also has the functionality of allowing staff to join the meeting from their desktop/laptops as well as phones. Skype for Business will also allow staff to integrate all calls in to Outlook.