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Night worker health assessments

As part of our on-going commitment to improve your health, safety and wellbeing, the occupational health service will be commencing the annual Night Worker Assessment.

It is well documented that there are health risks associated with night work and in order to ensure that staff are not experiencing any ill health effects as a result of working night duty the Trust is required under the Working Time Regulations to offer all employees who undertake night work on a regular basis an annual health assessment.  The purpose of the assessment is to ensure that employees are not suffering any ill health effects or have any health or medical condition that is difficult to manage or aggravated by working nights.

The Regulations define night time as the period between 11pm and 6am and a night worker is an employee who normally works at least 3 hours during this period on a regular basis. Employees who occasionally work at night do not fall within this definition. 

If you believe that you meet the definition of a night worker and have not yet been offered an assessment, please discuss with your line manager in the first instance.

Please contact the occupational health department on 01246 515696 or if you require any further information or advice.