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Focus on nutrition

After the Christmas period it can be really difficult and challenging to reset your mind and body back to ‘normality’. The term ‘health and wellbeing’ does not solely mean being perfect at making healthy choices every day, it simply means flexibility and enjoying everything that Christmas has to offer! Although December brings the rich and indulgent food, there is no reason why you can’t get back on track with clean and simple nutrition. January is the perfect opportunity to set new goals and reset your body by filling it with all the essential nutrients it needs to function properly.

There are many ways to do this but the most effective way is to start simple and slow. Don’t go cold turkey by completely emptying your treat cupboards, and then find yourself scratching round for anything containing sugar. Make small and sustainable changes that you think you’ll be able to maintain throughout the year. For example, try switching your lunchtime shop bought sandwich for a homemade one with brown bread and a lean protein filling. Try swapping your afternoon pick me up chocolate bar for an apple and some peanut butter. Liquid calories are also easy to ingest during the festive period with all the fancy coffees and hot chocolates. Try choosing almond milk instead of whole dairy milk and try raw cacao powder to make your own hot chocolate with. Cacao powder is the unprocessed form of cocoa powder and is a great source of iron, calcium and magnesium. Remember that consistency is key during this process!

From 16 - 23 January we will be running some fun nutrition workshops and promoting the importance of the eat well plate. Many of you may already have great knowledge on the subject of nutrition, however for those who struggle with meal planning and incorporating an abundance of vitamins and minerals in your meals then these workshops may be of some benefit! We are also promoting calorie consumption awareness by encouraging individuals to record their weekly caloric intake through a food and mood diary. This could be another fun way of recognising where those secret calories are coming from! We are all very aware of the way the food we eat affects our bodies and our physical health, but the food we eat also has impact on the way we feel. Eating more of the right foods can improve your mood, give you more energy and even help you think more clearly.If anyone likes the idea of keeping a food and mood diary in the new year please do let me know and take a look at the example attached. We will ask for volunteers to send their diaries in to Ruth so that hopefully we can collectively share some of our findings from the experience.

We appreciate the challenge of making healthy decisions on a day to day basis whilst trying to sustain a healthy social life; therefore we encourage you not to be too hard on yourself for perhaps choosing treats from time to time. This is part of life!

Planting the seed about nutrition is all it takes to take that next step in your health and wellbeing journey.