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Looking after mental health

January can be a difficult month for our mental health which is why we’ve chosen this time to launch our brand new Wellness Action Plan (WAP). This is primarily a tool for employee and line manager to start a conversation about mental health and capture anything that may affect their mental health within the workplace. The main aim with it is to provide resources, skills and advice to prevent people from going off sick long term. There are various sections which include preventing ill mental health from occurring in work, dealing with an ongoing mental health problem, and post protective strategies to help phase someone back into work post illness. Developing a Wellness Action Plan can help employees to actively support their own mental health by reflecting on the causes of stress and poor mental health, and by taking ownership of practical steps to help address these triggers.

Whilst talking about our mental health isn’t always easy try to challenge yourself to have those difficult conversations with your manager/colleagues about how you feel and use the questions in the WAP to help identify what causes you distress at work.

This week we will also be exploring the idea of gratitude. Gratitude put simply is the act of appreciating something or being in a state of being grateful to someone or to something. It is about appreciating the value of something whether tangible or intangible. Carrying a gratitude journal will allow you to document your thoughts at any given moment and will also enable you to appreciate the small achievements and goals that you attain at work.

A simple activity to practice gratitude would be to think of one thing that you’re grateful for when your wake up in the morning. The small things can become forgotten when we all have busy schedules but having that chance to appreciate the things you already have whilst working towards what you want is essential for good mental health.