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Keeping your NHSmail account safe

The NHSmail team are frequently making security improvements to how emails are processed by NHSmail and to improve their resilience to global threats.


One such threat is a spoof email. This is an email which is sent from a source over the internet that imitates the email address but is not from a genuine application or service. These emails are re-directed to the ‘Junk E-mail’ folder in your mailbox.


To make sure that you don’t miss any emails that still need to be actioned, please regularly check the ‘Junk E-mail’ folder within your mailbox, including any shared mailboxes that you manage.


If emails are being directed to your junk mail folder that you still need to receive, you must contact the sender to advise that they will need to take action to stop ‘spoofing’ This will ensure future emails are received in your inbox, not your junk mail folder.


If you are notified by a colleague that you are spoofing, you should speak to the IT helpdesk. Further information is available in the spoofing guide.


Thank you for helping to keep the NHSmail service safe.