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ERiCA (Electronic Recording in Care Assurance)

ERiCA is a NEW business intelligence tool that stores findings from the DCHS Assurance framework. The system offers a paperless process that will be reflective of ‘real time’ assessments. The main objective is to support leaders to capture learning; provide focused service improvement and indicate themes highlighted across the organisation during quality visits.

ERiCA will be instrumental in supporting leaders to effectively triangulate their assurance position across multiple locations, teams and through various quality approaches leaving them time to focus on service improvement for patients.   

We have arranged a number of Skype training sessions for users of the system. If you are an operational manager/lead a team its strongly recommended you take the time to access one of these sessions. The system will be live in the coming months so it’s a great opportunity to get familiar with the system now. You can view all the training dates and book on by clicking here: