News and Notices

We are celebrating Nutrition & Hydration Week next week - 11-17 March

From 11 March, and to coincide with Swallow Awareness Day on the 13 March 2019, we will start using the new International dysphagia diet standardisation initiative (IDDSI) diet terminology.

The IDDSI was launched in the UK nearly a year ago, and DCHS shifted to the new fluid descriptors last Spring.  Attached here is a summary guide to help you understand the new terminology that will be used with patients who have swallowing difficulties, meaning they need modified food consistencies. 

Staff may have already heard of the new terms if there have been transfers in from neighboring areas. Menus have been updated to reflect the changes and training has been happening across the county in preparation.

Please contact your local Speech & Language therapist If you need further information or look at the IDDSI framework on their website - website