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IFM meet CQUIN targets for healthy eating

In 2015, NHS England had concluded significant research into the health and wellbeing of staff across the NHS.  The report which followed, recommended that improvements had to be made to the way in which NHS organisations supported employees with their daily health and wellbeing.  As a result of this, the Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) Team within DCHS were tasked with delivering a nutritionally focused initiative for the reduction in availability of high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) food items.

NHS England stipulated a number of targets to be achieved in reducing the availability of HFSS products and the IFM Team have been working over the last three years to implement changes across DCHS sites.

The key areas of focus have been:

  • Banning price promotions on sugary drinks and foods high in fat, sugar or salt.
  • Banning advertisements on NHS premises for sugar sweetened drinks and HFSS foods.
  • Banning sugar sweetened drinks and HFSS foods from checkouts and vending machines.
  • Ensuring that healthy options are available at any point including for those staff working night shifts.
  • Ensuring that 80% of beverages available for sale (including those in vending machines) in DCHS premises contain less than 5g of sugar per 100ml.
  • Ensuring that 80% of confectionary and sweets available for sale in DCHS premises are less than 250kcal per item.
  • Ensuring that 75% of pre-packaged sandwiches and meals are less than 400kcal per serving and do not exceed 5.0g of saturated fat per 100g.

The provision of CQUIN compliant sandwiches has been one of the biggest challenges to overcome and this has resulted in DCHS contracting with an external supplier which would meet the CQUIN nutritional standard for the provision of chilled meals and sandwiches.

Other than the complexities around the provision of CQUIN compliant sandwiches, the CQUIN Initiative to implement the healthier options, restrict promotion of HFSS items and offer more access to healthier options, has been a tremendous success. 

The IFM team have achieved well beyond the targets set by NHS England and look forward to assisting in any further health and wellbeing initiatives which are presented in the future.

If you have any queries or questions about this CQUIN for staff health and wellbeing or any suggestions about healthy food and snacks that you may want us to provide, please let us know by contacting Gerard English, Locality Manager IFM South (CQUIN Lead for IFM) :  or Kay Bradley, IFM Manager: