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Wound care changes

We have been working with CCG and primary care colleagues to develop a new approach to wound care for which the CCG is now contracting us. It brings in the following changes:

  • Simple Wounds – requiring treatment for four weeks or fewer

Patients who need simple wound care will continue to be assessed and treated by their GP practice under an enhanced service.  This type of care would be for wounds that clinicians would expect to see heal in four weeks or fewer.  For these patients there will be no change in service and patients will continue to attend for wound care appointments at their practice. 

  • Complex Wounds – requiring treatment for more than four weeks

Patients with more complex wounds will be referred to the new DCHS wound care service where care will be provided by our teams in wound care hubs.  Patients should be referred to this service by their GP practice if their wound is expected to take more than four weeks to heal.  It is expected that by receiving specialist care in this way that wounds will be helped to heal more quickly, with an aim for all wounds to be healed within fourteen weeks.

This change came into place from 1 April, although some areas have already been implementing this new clinical model in recent weeks.  The change is the culmination of some very detailed work by colleagues in DCHS, primary care and the CCG.

The aim is to ensure equality of care across the county. Until now patients have been seen by a range of clinicians, in a range of settings. The new approach will require some patients to travel further to attend the specialist wound care hubs.

A leaflet, explaining the reasons for the changes, has been developed and can be accessed here:, entitled  Derbyshire Wound Care. The leaflet will help our staff to answer questions which may arise with their patients about the reasons for the changes and what to expect.