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Mobile Phone Use Statement

At DCHS we are committed to ensuring that you stay safe whilst on trust activity.

The use of hand held devices such as mobile phones is against the law and you must not make or receive calls when driving, this also includes the making or receiving of text messages.

We recognise that some vehicles are fitted with Bluetooth hands free systems that will allow users to make or receive calls hands free whilst driving. Employees must be aware that by making or receiving calls when driving using a Bluetooth hands free system that they must be in full control of their vehicle and drive with due care and attention. If you are involved in an incident or the police think you are driving without due care and attention then you may be prosecuted.

If you do not feel comfortable making or receiving calls using a Bluetooth hands free system then you should switch off your phone, ignore the call or put a voice message on your phone with the following words.

Hello You are through to the mobile phone of ………………….., I am sorry but I am unable to take your call as I am currently driving. If you leave me your name, number and a short message I will get back to you when I have safely completed my journey.

You should not feel under any pressure to make or receive calls whilst you are driving and must not compromise your safety or the safety of others. Managers should not call staff when they know they are driving, they should check diaries before calls are made.

If you are participating in a conference call you must dial in to the conference call whilst your vehicle is parked and under no circumstances must you dial in to conference calls whilst driving.

Some modern vehicles are fitted with integrated systems that will mirror applications in the vehicle such as Facebook and twitter. You should not access any application such as Facebook, twitter or others whilst driving under any circumstances.