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Canon Devices (MFDs) - Colour Printing & Copying – Important Notification

Over the past couple of years the average annual spend on printing & copying is around £160k.  Extensive efforts have been made over the past few months to encourage a reduction in that spend and to think before we print.  The setting of device defaults to black and white and double-sided printing has helped to some extent but failed to achieve a noticeable reduction in colour printing due to user intervention and overrides.

The supplier, Canon has recently upgraded its Uniflow software and this now provides the opportunity to block colour printing at user level.  The implementation of this option has been approved at the highest level and an exemption list put forward by senior managers is now in place and attached for information only.

Please be advised that the ability to print and copy in colour will therefore be removed for all other DCHS staff on Monday 29 April 2019.

If anyone has a legitimate need to produce a colour document and is not named on the exemption list you will need to contact the most relevant person within your service/department from that list and request they print a colour document for you.

Click here for the users on the exemption List

If you are approached by a member of staff to print a colour document on their behalf you must do so at your own discretion, ensuring there is a justified need.  Please be aware that each MFD user account is routinely monitored and so any colour activity will show against your account and may be challenged if deemed excessive