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Live now! Changes to DATIX

Human contributory factors (Dupont’s Dirty Dozen) are now being captured for all incidents on DATIX.  The Dirty Dozen refers to twelve of the most common human error preconditions or conditions that can act as precursors to accidents or incidents. These twelve elements influence people to make mistakes. Find out more here.

This new section is mandatory for all incidents and for both reporters and managers.

What does this mean for the reporter?

When the incident reporter enters an incident report they will be asked to identify whether any of the following, in their opinion, contributed. Or whether none are applicable.

  • Abundance of STRESS
  • Abundance of PRESSURE
  • Abundance of NORMALISATION
  • Abundance of FATIGUE
  • Abundance of DISTRACTION
  • Abundance of COMPLACENCY
  • Lack of RESOURCES
  • Lack of AWARENESS
  • Lack of TEAM WORK
  • Lack of KNOWLEDGE

What does this mean for the Incident Manager?

Managers can add to the contributory factors chosen if others are identified whilst reviewing the incident. In the managers investigation field they need to advise how the contributory factors are being addressed so that the learning from the incident is identified within the report.

For further information please go to the Patient Safety page on MyDCHS, call the Patient Safety Team on 01246 515807 or email