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Appointing Officers – Offline Applications  

The People Resource Team is increasingly being asked to process offline application forms after the job adverts are closed. Whilst all these requests have been dealt with, it does add a lot of pressure on the team and reduces our efficiency in terms of reverting vacancies back and forth in TRAC. We should work collaboratively to minimize this occurrence.

  • Late offline applications are not a straightforward task on TRAC and takes time to action.


The People Resource Team will greatly appreciate the support from Appointing Officers to process late offline applications in exceptional cases only such as where only one or two people have applied and in cases of hard to fill positions.

Appointing Officers - Could you please request to extend the closing date for adverts before they close in order to accommodate the late applications and if the advert is closed with applicants that have taken time to apply within the timescale, it is only fair that the recruitment process continues and any late applicants are not considered unless you are unable to appoint and require the post to be re-advertised.