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Quality Sparkles undertaking a 10K charity walk for Ashgate hospice

The 10km Markovitz Sparkle Night Walk returns next Saturday on 6 July 2019 at the Proact Stadium for Ashgate Hospicecare.

Here Adelle Clements tells us in her own words why members of the quality team are walking the Sparkle Walk and why you should always read the small print!!

“A walk for charity. “Why not?” I thought. “It’s for a brilliant cause”.
That is, it’s for our local Ashgate Hospice. And what’s more, I’d be walking with some of my brilliant team, who like me are all nurses who want to do as much as they can to give to this brilliant organisation who provide the very best hospice and support for patients, families and carers across North Derbyshire.

There’s a reason why people recommend reading the small print….

  • The walk starts at 10pm (way after my bedtime)
  • Have you noticed the rain recently??
  • You wear bright pink (never been my colour)
  • My team now advise me that we’re wearing bunny ears and tutus!!! (The only place bunny ears should be worn are ONLY on bunnies)

No matter how small, any donation you make will be truly appreciated.”

Click here to donate to the Quality Sparkles team who are taking part.