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Referring into podiatry

You can refer to the podiatry service by downloading the application form or completing the online form here:

 When completing the podiatry referral form, please make sure that it’s fully completed, with no abbreviations, to enable the forms to be triaged in a timely manner. If the form is incomplete then this will be sent back to the referrer to complete and re-submit. This delays referrals being triaged and patients being seen.

Triaging of your referral means that the patient may not meet our access criteria and we would therefore not offer the patient an appointment. If this is the case, we will inform the patient by letter and include a leaflet on ‘Why podiatry is not available to me’.

Should you have any questions then please contact your nearest clinic site (contact details on the podiatry services page above) and they will be able to either answer your question or direct you to a podiatrist who can help.