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Personalised Patient Outcome Goals for Venous Leg Ulcers - Urgent update from Tissue Viability

In 2018/19 we implemented the personalised patient outcome goals for venous leg ulcers.  This was originally in Southern Derbyshire and subsequently rolled out across the Trust March/April 2019.  This year there is a further CQUIN for personalised patient outcome goals in venous leg ulcers.  The format for recording this has changed.......

The original imbedded link below the wound outcome goals within the wound assessment template has now been removed.  The title of the wound outcome goal section has been re-named and the drop down list has been updated with additional options and indicating which are wound outcomes and which are patient related outcomes.

Only the Complex Wound Care Clinics are to be audited for the CQUIN. However, these elements should still be discussed and documented for by all users.  Please ensure that these are made personal by adding detail after choosing the appropriate goal.

The Tissue Viability training will be amended to reflect the change as will the Wound Assessment SOP.