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Quality Improvement Faculty – New Prospectus

Following the launch of the Quality Improvement Faculty in November 2018 we have been developing it’s form and function and are excited to share with you the new prospectus.  Please click on the image or here to download your copy.  Please read and share widely.  Please also encourage colleagues to join the Faculty.


What is the Faculty and how do I join?

The faculty is a network for quality improvement and provides support in

-Sharing learning


-Involving patients

-Quality improvement


It is open to ALL bands from all directorates and we welcome both clinical and non-clinical staff. If, after reading the prospectus you would like to join please email . Please note that the online PDSA training will be coming soon.


Next QI Faculty Event

The clinical effectiveness team will be hosting the Quality Improvement faculty on October 3. Please come and find out more and book today. Click on the image below to book your place.