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Changes to ESR training requirements for nurses and AHPs

There will be some changes to the ESR training requirements for nurses, physios and OTs in the near future. Please read more here.

Changes in the NMC supervision standards are coming in that say all nurses should contribute to the education of student nurses. As a result the following training competencies will be added to training matrices for registered nurses in bands 5 – 8A:

• NHS EDU practice supervisor- no renewal
• NHS EDU practice assessor- no renewal
• NHS EDU update – 1 year.

Current mentors are required to attend the SSSA workshops to be transferred to the new standards.
Any nurse who is not a mentor (a supervisor or assessor) will be required to attend training. Dates will be announced in the autumn to book onto.

OTs and physios
AHPs are also required to support education and the following will be added to training matrices for OTs and physios:

• NHS EDU educator- no renewal
• Local P AHP clinical educator update (2 yearly)
• OTs only - Local P AHP clinical educator reaccreditation (5 yearly).

Where training is undertaken externally ie clinical educator programmes a copy of your certificate needs to be sent to the placement support team so that your training record can be updated.

Available dates for the educator programme and update programmes will be advertised as soon as they are available. We will also send emails to staff who we think need to know about the new training requirements.

Training for other AHP disciplines will be reviewed in the next few months.

The practice learning team are available for any queries in relation to these changes and can be contacted by emailing

Thank you

Tracy Shaw
People Development Lead
People Development Services.