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Skype top tips

It’s coming up to eight months since we switched to using Skype for Business for our conference calls so we thought that we’d provide an update to all full licence holders with our Skype top tips to help you get the most out of your Skype meetings:

  • Find somewhere quiet – We’ve all been in that call where we can hear everything happening in someone’s office or there’s a dog barking in the background. Finding somewhere quiet will help reduce the background noise for everyone else in the call.

  • Connect on individual devices rather than crowding round one – If everyone is on one device then whoever is closest to the device will be very loud and anyone further away may struggle to be heard. Skype has a built in feature that tries to level out the noise of everyone in the call, so if one person in the office is particularly loud then Skype will automatically reduce the input from your microphone, making the quiet person even quieter.

  • Use a headset – If you can’t find somewhere quiet then using a headset will prevent you disturbing everyone else in the office and will stop feedback/echo if you are in the same room as someone else in the meeting. If your headset has a built in microphone then the sound quality will probably be better than the laptop microphone – some users do this even if they are in a quiet room.

  • If you don’t have headphones then make sure you are talking to the microphone on your laptop, not at your second screen.

  • If you’re in a noisy office, can’t go anywhere else and don’t have headphones; Mute yourself if you’re not talking – just remember to unmute yourself if you need to say anything!

  • As a host, don’t be afraid to mute people. They will get a notification telling them they’ve been muted.

Some full licence holders have noted that staff have trouble joining their meetings, the best solution we have found is to attach the “Joining an online meeting” document to your calendar invites which provides a step-by-step guide on how to join. Please note that as a full licence holder you do not need to follow the guide and can just click the “Join Skype Meeting” link on invites.


If you need any troubleshooting advice please check the attached FAQ or if you can’t find what you’re looking for on there, contact us at