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Self-care September

As the temperature changes and the leaves turn from a deep green into a rustic brown, we start to turn our minds to ourselves. When summer springs to mind, we think of sunshine, blue skies, positivity, confidence and happiness. When autumn approaches, we naturally reflect the way we feel to the climatic characteristics, a little gloomy, downhearted, and negative.

Everything can seem a little bit harder once the holidays are over and we head back to our usual working patterns and daily routines. Nevertheless, taking care of yourself both physically and mentally will really contribute towards feeling well and optimistic.

Try to give yourself permission to indulge in some ‘you time’ this month. It will already begin to feel like Christmas is fast approaching and that time is running away with you. However, making time for you will be the key to keeping calm and centred. As human beings we naturally want to give to others and to make sure others are happy and well. Allowing yourself to do the same for you will not only recharge your batteries but it will give you balance, perspective, resilience and peace.

Taking care of you can mean a variety of things to different people. These things can range from taking a bubble bath, fitting in your exercise around your work schedule, deep breathing exercises, fuelling your body with nutritious food. We spend a significant amount of time looking after other people in our jobs/home life so why not dedicate a whole month to you! Take a look at this great article for self-care ideas specifically for those working in a caring role!


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