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Moving to Windows 10

As you may be aware, all NHS Trusts have been asked to move the computers that staff use to the Windows 10 operating system. This process has started in DCHS.  All new desktop and laptop computers that have been issued since July have been Windows 10 devices. However, about 90% of devices will need to have their operating system replaced. Some current devices will be rebuilt with Windows 10 but older devices will need to be replaced. As the installation of Windows 10 will take a number of hours per device, staff will be provided with a different device to the one they surrender. From September 2019 a programme to replace existing devices will commence, running until March 2020.

What will happen?

  • All Windows 7 devices will be swapped for a Windows 10 device to minimise disruption to staff.
  • A large number of site visits will be set up across the county for those with laptops/toughbooks  to drop in and swap.
  • You will not usually receive the same device that you submitted.
  • For those that currently use a smartcard to access our systems remotely this will change to a system called Swivel which we will build onto your device.
  • If you use a desktop, this will be swapped by a technician.

What do you need to do?

  • Ensure no data is kept on your hard drive (c: drive / desktop) – you need to transfer anything that you need to keep to your personal or shared folders.
  • Look out for the Windows 10 swap-out sessions coming to a site near you.
  • If you have a laptop/Toughbook, make sure you attend a session to swap your device and its associated power cable.

Will I have all the same programmes as I have today?

  • We are using this opportunity to make sure everyone has the latest version of software. To maintain good cyber protection we need to control what applications people have on their devices. Where you have some unusual or specific software, we will be in touch to check that you still need the application.

Connecting monitors and keyboards

  • Newer laptops will have the same connectors for keyboards and mice. They may have a different connector to some older monitors. We will supply you with an adapter for your screen in advance of a monitor replacement programme. We will not be supplying docking stations.

Will I need training?

  • The difference between the Windows 10 devices and Windows 7 is minimal for the end user and our experience is that no training will be needed.  For those that will change to Swivel, we will make instructions available.

Please direct any questions to E: