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Preceptorship Update

Preceptee Forums are now half days and are bookable via ESR under “Preceptorship forum meetings”. This has been done to enable flexibility in line with service and staffing demands.

Morning sessions will run from 09.30am to 12.45pm.

Afternoon sessions will run from 1.15pm to 4.30pm.


For all newly qualified and returning to practice clinicians, each month preceptees are required to attend one out of the four sessions on offer, equalling to a total of 12 sessions over the 12 month preceptorship programme. Exceptions will be made for off duty, annual leave or sickness.

For new to community clinicians, the requirement is to attend a minimum of six sessions over the 12 month preceptorship programme.

For newly qualified health visitors and school nurses “SCPHN Preceptorship days” are available.


There was a new condensed Derbyshire wide handbook launched in Sept for all new preceptees.


There will be an expectation that new preceptees in a team will be allocated a preceptor by the line manager or team lead.

Any qualified clinician can be a preceptor that fall within the below criteria;

  • A colleague within the same team, ideally of the same profession with at least 12 months experience.
  • A clinician who mentors students and/or A clinician who is clinical supervisor in practice- as they will also possess the required skills and traits needed to be a preceptor
  • Clinicians who have recently finished preceptorship are ideal to support also as they are familiar with the process and documentation.


A preceptor is required to be knowledgeable, supportive, approachable and helpful as well as able to set aside time to meet the preceptee and set objectives which are key to their role and development.


Any Clinicians who have recently finished preceptorship are ideal to support also as are familiar with the paperwork.

We have a preceptorship policy which is now live on sharepoint and  this has replaced the guidelines.


Preceptors can access a national eLearning module (000-preceptorship) through ESR for additional learning as required or contact the preceptorship team for additional support and guidance on E: