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Maintaining your HCPC registration

Dear All

I want to remind you about vigilance with your direct debits to HCPC.  I am aware of a recent incident whereby a colleague in DCHS was removed from the HCPC register after a bank payment was missed. The repercussions of being ‘suspended’ from the register even for a couple of weeks are significant – for the individual and for our services.

Whenever you make any changes to your banking arrangements please ensure that your direct debits to HCPC continue to go through. You may not get any notice before they remove your name from the register – and that will leave you unable to practice as a registered professional.

It is your responsibility to maintain your professional registration. This is something that we don’t want other colleagues to experience, of course. If in doubt check your own details on the online register.


Mary Heritage

Assistant Director – Allied Health Professions and Patient Experience