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Phishing scam text SMS request to help from a friend in need.

Following on from a few incidents, where suspicious text SMS messages have been received, staff are reminded to be extra vigilant in the wake of the recent Cyber Attack. Staff have received a few Text SMS messages on work phones stating;

"It's Emma. I tried to call you but signal bad. I been taken to hospital after having a fall this morning. if possible can you do me a quick favour and text me x".

This is a phishing text SMS scam and please do not respond to this text SMS message.


1) Do not respond any text messages SMS scams you do not recognise.

2) Block this number from your phone.

3) Delete the text message from your phone.

4) Delete the message again from your deleted items box.

If you have any questions relating to security or the information guidelines above then please contact Craig Burton on T: 07833 295383 or by E:

Examples of the recent Phishing Scam Text SMS email below;