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DCHS is now warping!

Don’t buy it. Warp-It! Don’t waste it. Warp-It!

DCHS is implementing a new reuse and management system called Warp-It. This will replace the ‘Freebay’ service currently facilitated by Procurement. Warp-It makes it very easy for services in DCHS to get surplus items from, or give them to, other services.

Mark Armstrong-Read who is leading on the Warp-It implementation said: “This is all about saving you time and money and being smarter with our resources. In the current climate we need to think innovatively and do things a bit different. Staff can now use second hand equipment for free instead of buying new!”

He added: “We are doing this to:

  • Stop the unnecessary purchase of new equipment
  • Reduce waste and disposal costs
  • Reduce procurement spend in your department
  • Reduce reliance on storage areas
  • Reduce waste.

By matching donors to recipients we will reduce procurement costs and also waste disposal costs.”

Other organisations just like ours are already using the system successfully:

“It’s just so much better to be able to reuse items! So much money is wasted in the NHS and this is one way of making things go a little further and also saving the environment.” 

Lindsay Sykes, Manchester NHS

You can see how other organisations are performing here.


Tim Broadley is director of strategy and Board lead for Sustainability in DCHS. He said: “Warp-It gives us an opportunity to make a lot of savings by reusing our resources rather than throwing them away and buying new. These savings can be put back into our services and make DCHS an even better and more sustainable organisation. 

I urge all staff to use Warp-It before disposing of anything that could be reused or before buying a new item.”

What do we want you to do?

So, if you have an item that is taking up space that you don’t need, put it on Warp-It. Or if you are looking for an item check Warp-It before you buy new!

What items can be reused through Warp-It?

You can transfer furniture, electrical equipment, office consumables (such as stationery and ink jet cartridges), supplies and medical equipment - but any resource really.

How do I register?

Visit our homepage here:

Make sure you bookmark this page for later. Hit the big green button which says ‘register’ now. Once you register you will receive further instructions. You can browse items on Warp-It by hitting the search button.

If you want to know more about the system in general please visit where there are examples of how the system is working well in other organisations just like ours.

If you have any questions about the new scheme please get in touch with Mark on email E: