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European Antimicrobial Awareness day

18 November 2019 is European Antibiotic Awareness day.

The European Antibiotic Awareness Day is an annual European public health initiative that takes place on 18 November to raise awareness about the threat to public health of antibiotic resistance and the importance of prudent antibiotic use. Prudent use of antibiotics can help stop resistant bacteria from developing and help keep antibiotics effective for the use of future generations.

Antibiotic Guardian is a campaign run by Public Health England and a range of partners. You can play your part by becoming an antibiotic guardian and choosing one simple pledge about how you’ll make better use of antibiotics and help stop these vital medicines from becoming obsolete. 

Why not improve your knowledge of antimicrobial resistance by completing this basic 30 minute basic e-learning.

For more information look at resources available for the European Antibiotic Awareness day here.