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Information update for clinical leaders & clinicians

DHU now have access to SystmOne!

We are pleased to be able to let you know that as from 2 December 2019  DHU has access to SystmOne to view and update patient records.  In the near future they will also be able to perform our care plans, but for the current time they will add information in to the Journal.

What this means:

  • This will reduce the need for staff to leave paper records in the patient’s home.  Staff will still need to leave records such as drugs administration records, or any other records that are still paper based.  Staff will also need to leave records where other agencies might be involved - such as hospices.  The transformation team are working on this.
  • Staff are asked to leave existing patient records in the home, but clearly write on them “information now on S1”.  This will prevent duplicating information.  In the New Year we will look at retrieving these records for archive / scanning, but for now they are probably more use with the patient.
  • Staff are reminded to check the patient journal for information DHU might have added in overnight.
  • Information and referrals back from DHU to our services will be via the Community Access Point, but please continue to contact DHU in the normal way for now.  In the near future we hope to be able to e-refer and task to them direct.

Any questions?
If you have any queries or concerns, or notice paper records are still being left unnecessarily please contact us at E:

Leaders & clinicians - please share this widely with your colleagues.

Posted on behalf of:
Melissa Deighton
Transformation Programme Lead