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Risk Register Minor Change Notification

On the 19 December, there will be an implemented change to the DCHS Risk Register format within Datix.  This is a minor change that affects the way we capture and manage Further Controls to mitigate risk in that:

  • Further Controls for a risk will be captured individually, with up to ten Further Controls available for insertion for Risk mitigation
  • Each Further Control will have an ‘expected date of implementation’ date box (this is new). 
  • Once a risk has been submitted, Each Further Control will have an ‘actual date of implementation’ (this is new).
  • Each Further Control now has its own barrier to implementation narrative box (this is new).
  • Risk Treatment Plans have now been removed, in place is an Options Appraisal section for those risks that have a current risk rating of 15+ (this is new).

Please see this attachment - a change notification guide document for all who may have dealings with the Risk Register on Datix. Please note that the remainder of risk submission or management within Datix remains unchanged.  The reason for this change is a result of executive board directive for KPI implementation against Further Control implementation with an 80% ‘within expected date implementation’ baseline.

If you have any queries, please contact Rick Aspinall, risk manager via one of the following methods;

T: 01246 515807
M: 07584 003861