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Use of Clinell wipes

During visits to clinical areas the IP & C team have noticed that some clinical areas appear to be using the yellow Detergent wipes rather that the green Universal wipes. The green Universal wipes should be used for cleaning clinical equipment and surfaces within clinical areas. The yellow Detergent wipes are only suitable for use in non-clinical areas and on non-clinical equipment found within offices, staff rooms etc.

The IP & C Team have also found different hand hygiene products are being used in some clinical areas and within some clinical teams, some of which have not been obtained via NHS Supply Chain. Staff who are responsible for ordering hand hygiene products for clinical staff should ensure that only DCHS approved B Braun products are ordered. These include;

  • Hand wash (Lifosan Pure)
  • Hand sanitising gel/rub  (Softalind Pure - ViscoRub)
  • Hand lotion (Trixo-Lind).

These products were chosen as they kinder to skin and effective.

Further information on products can be obtained from procurement: