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Do you feel you have the skills to care for people diagnosed with dementia?

Can you spare 10 minutes to complete our survey and help us to understand how well equipped staff in DCHS feel about this?

Project background
As you know and appreciate there is an ever growing need to care for people diagnosed with dementia and/or delirium in a variety of settings and across the STP we aim to provide a service which has staff with the right knowledge and skills to care.

In relation to this you may or may not be aware that a proposal was recently submitted to Health Education England  to conduct a Cognitive Reablement Training Needs Analysis (TNA)  across Derbyshire STP with the aim of producing a locally and nationally evidence based framework for the delivery of a Cognitive Reablement Training Programme and ongoing support in practice. Alongside the TNA, a scoping exercise of workforce capacity for a Cognitive Reablement role will be undertaken and a full report produced for the Derbyshire STP. We are delighted that the proposal was successful in its application and work is now underway to commence data gathering across our organisations.

Please help us gather data to establish the training need
This training needs analysis (TNA) seeks to understand what our system across Joined up Care Derbyshire is currently providing in relation to cognitive reablement for those living with dementia and/or delirium. It aims to identify any current gaps in skills and knowledge for us to take forward and ensure are met within future training programmes delivered across our area.
We will also use information gathered to determine if further roles focusing on cognitive re- enablement would benefit services across Derbyshire and in what capacity this would be. 

We would very much like to hear your thoughts and experiences via the completion of this survey's questions and a report will be shared in early 2020. 

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The deadline for completion of the survey is January 17 2020.

Thank you for your time.