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Security around crowded places during the Christmas holidays

Following on from a warning from the Counter Terrorism unit stating that the UK faces a real threat from terrorism and crowded places remain an attractive target.

Crowded places include shopping centres, sports stadiums, bars, pubs and clubs which are easily accessible to the public and very attractive to terrorists.

Staff are reminded to keep themselves safe and vigilant during the Christmas holidays and to remain aware that Terrorists find crowded places very attractive.

So if you see someone acting suspiciously whilst you are in town during the festive period or getting that January sale bargain then report it to the shopping centre security teams or police and explain what you have seen.

Things to be aware of:-

1, People acting suspiciously or trying not to be seen.

2, People taking photographs of security processes i.e. where CCTV cameras are, where security are located or where the police patrol.

3, Bags left unattended.

If in doubt ….Report it