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Inclusion & Fairness @DCHS. Achieving the best for you.

It underpins our values and the DCHS  way - relating to compassionate and personalised care. As a well-led outstanding organisation, we are committed to creating a warm and inclusive culture where diversity is valued and celebrated. Where difference is regarded as an asset and everyone can feel confident to be themselves in a welcoming, safe and respectful environment.

As an inclusive employer and provider of healthcare, we aim to not only comply with law but strive to be an exemplar of good practice in ensuring that our services and employment practices respond to the needs of all the diverse communities we care for.  This means we take into account everyone’s needs in the design and delivery of services, including people of different religions or beliefs and those with none. 

This multi-faith calendar 2020 serves as a suite of resources that seeks to equip our staff with key religious dates and festivals to aid planning and delivery of personalised care and people management. It can help to embed equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything we do. Research suggests that attention to the religious and cultural needs of patients and contribute to their wellbeing.  Staff also have the opportunity to participate in the multi-faith tour, where they have the opportunity to meet community leaders and experience some of the diverse faiths in Derby city. For further information about the multi-faith tour please contact the equality, diversity & inclusion team: or