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Information Governance policies

This is a reminder for all staff that we have a range of Information Governance policies in place to support staff with the safe and secure handling of information.


These policies include:

  • Information Governance Policy - Sets out the standards across DCHS for the management of information to maintain its confidentiality, integrity and availability.

  • Data Protection Act Policy - Details staff responsibilities in complying with the Data Protection Act.

  • Confidentiality Code of Conduct - Outlines the contractual and legal obligations of staff concerning the sharing and disclosing of patient and personal information.

  • IM&T Security Policy - Aims to establish and maintain the security and confidentiality of information, information systems, applications and networks. Topics include: passwords, backup procedures, equipment security, virus control, software and maintenance.

  • Information Lifecycle & Records Management Policy – Outlines DCHS’ policies and standards on the creation, retention and destruction of all records. *Recently updated to meet the Goddard Inquiry requirement of retaining Children’s Records indefinitely*

  • Email Policy – sets out policy and guidance for the safe and secure use of DCHS NHSmail accounts.

  • Internet Use Policy – ensures that staff understand their responsibilities when using the Internet.
  • Information and Data Quality Policy – Highlights the aspects of, and processes involved, in obtaining and maintaining effective information and data quality.
  • Safe Haven Procedures – Sets out the procedures to be followed when transmitting patient and personal information by fax, post, e-mail and telephone.