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Ashgate Hospicecare - Coronavirus update

Ashgate Hospicecare is introducing precautionary measures in line with national guidance to help protect against coronavirus. This phased approach means putting in place some measures immediately. Please note the following update from Ashgate Hospicecare's chief executive Barbara Anne Walker:

  • Cancelling all non-essential internal and external meetings and training at our Old Brampton site including the Harry Fisher building as from next week (16 March)
  • Asking external visitors not to come to the main hospice or Harry Fisher building except for friends and relatives of patients
  • The Ashgate Coffee Co at our main hospice site being limited to essential hospice staff only that are permitted to be on site and no longer open to visitors
  • Having as many of our non-clinical staff as possible working remotely
  • Gradually reducing the times that day hospice is open. We will monitor this on a daily basis with the DH team to ensure that patients with highest need are not affected. We have decided that we will not close the day hospice completely as we want to help relieve the pressure on primary care and give patients the support they need
  • Making changes at reception including introducing a system which will direct calls to the relevant department, including to staff based remotely. We will however continue to have a member of staff on reception to direct visitors, receive admissions and essential patients coming to clinic
  • Providing more information in our retail shops so the community know what we are doing to protect patients and how they can continue to support us.
Other measures will be introduced over the coming days and weeks as we work to keep everyone as safe as possible, while making sure we are introducing change in a measured and proportionate way.
We do not know of any cases of the coronavirus that are linked to the hospice (eg patients, relatives, staff, volunteers and visitors) but of course this could change in the near future. We will start to issue daily internal updates with regards to our hospice and the actions we are taking so everyone has the latest information and how we are responding.
We have extensive business continuity plans in place and will continue to work collaboratively and constructively with all of our health partners. Don’t hesitate to shout if you need more information.
Barbara Anne Walker
Chief Executive
Ashgate Hospicecare