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Staff support through Covid-19

During this challenging time we want to ensure that you all have the support you require to stay well and manage the difficulties that covid-19 is presenting to us in healthcare. We have created a simple, tiered, model of support so that you can access what you require, at the point of need. This support offer has been scaled across all the Derbyshire NHS organisations, covering 30,000 staff.



We have already seen a wealth of information shared about covid-19 and different coping and self-care strategies. This has led to information overload, where it’s difficult to establish the evidence based, useful information. To simplify things we are working with experts across Derbyshire to collate 2 webpages for sharing just the information you need. On the Derbyshire County Council pages you can find generic health & wellbeing advice for Covid-19. On the Joined Up Care Derbyshire pages you can find information tailored towards NHS staff. This includes topics such as managing social isolation, dealing with health anxiety and much more.



With social distancing and an increased workload a lot of our usual routines and practices that kept us well have likely been affected. To help you navigate through this new terrain we have set up a series of 30min dial in coaching sessions with members of the wellbeing team. You can use these to ask advice, find out what services are available and even just for a chat if you are having to isolate and need some fresh company. If you can't find the slot that best suits you, let us know by emailing More slots are being continally added. 



In challenging circumstances such as these our self-care is even more critical. Whilst we know we should probably be doing relaxation exercises or mindfulness it can be difficult to find the time or helpful guides. That’s why we’ve introduced the Thrive mental health app for all our staff. This comes loaded with a host of helpful programmes to enable you to look after you. These include breathing, sleep, progressive muscle relaxation, CBT, mindfulness and self-suggestion along with distraction games and mood journals. Simply download the app from the app store and use the code ‘NHSDERBY19’ to unlock the features.


24/7 support

To ensure you always have support when you need it we have made a 24/7 counselling phoneline available. This provides access to confidential counselling and advice around the clock. Simply call 0800 085 1376. Managers can also access a specific adviceline available 9.00am to 5.00pm on 0800 085 3805.


Resolve counselling service

It is often important to be able to speak to someone that understands your context, that’s why we have the on-site Resolve counselling service for staff to help with challenging times. The service has enabled phone and digital counselling to manage during social distancing and isolation but can still come to teams where required, such as following a traumatic situation. To confidentially access the service or for more information email or call 01246 515951.

To share this with your teams, download the poster here.


Many thanks 

Jamie Broadley 

Staff Wellbeing Lead

People Services

Contact: 07771652957